Misc. recommondations from today's flight

I had an interesting conversation today in which I shared some of my geek wisdom.

Most of you will already know the following tools. If not, pick whatever is useful for you. No particular order.












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  1. Links without any comment.
    I have to klick on every link to find out what it is.
    Very helpful.
    your grumpy girlfriend.
    (Nice girlfriend says: could you write a comment on every link, that would be very helpful. It would save much time to all the nice girlfriends and they could wash their Businesskasper-Boyfriend's shirts in the meantime. or feed the cats.)

  2. Okay, I’ll quickly try to add that:
    – Cloudberry Explorer: Explorer to upload data to Amazons Storage Service
    – Superflexible: tool to sync data to pretty much everywhere; external HDD, server shares, Amazon, other online backup services
    – X-Series Tablet: a great notebook especially for people who travel a lot or want to get rid of a notebook; includes hand writing capabilities
    – TripIt: great social platform / digital assistant to keep track of travel bookings and plans
    – FCM Travel: the – in my opinion – best and most verbose flight booking engine available.
    – Mozy.com: brilliant backup tool for private use
    – Jungledisk: Alternative to Superflexible
    – Xfriend: a desktop search engine, to find files quicker (e.g. project notes)
    – Copernic: also a desktop search engine
    – Google Desktop: also a desktop search engine
    – Dunkel S3: a fully Amazon compatible online storage service; but with the small difference that data is not hosted anywhere in the EU (Ireland), but in Germany. Might be important to some people.

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