Tempting Christmas time

Almost two years ago, I decided to not display any advertisements on the Küchenserver (see https://www.kuechenserver.org/tag/werbefrei/#/archiv/2009/01/16/werbefrei/ for the German post about this). However everytime I’ll have a look at my stats around Christmas, I get tempted once again to break with my intentions.

I once published a post titled “funny xmas mailing” and since then Google washes a lot of visitors to this blog’s shores. I could be friendly, as I am now, and provide them with the information they desire free of charge, I could try and monetize the tree-shaped mail I’ve posted two years ago or I could try to gently monetize this by displaying Google Ads in the posts in question. Having roughly 10k visits during this time of the year, it would not make me rich, but it would pay for the domains for a year or so.

Not that it’ll change my decision significantly, but what would you do if you were in my shoes here?

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